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AFRICA! exhibit species

Upon entering the Zambezi River Village in Peoria Zoo’s Africa exhibit; Zoo visitors will experience a unique simulation of African grasslands. As the visitor overlooks our interpretation of the Zambezi River they will view six different species whose barriers are invisible to the public.

Continuing on the boardwalk the visitor will actually experience a drop in temperature as they descend the boardwalk amid the lush, thick foliage and approach many forest dwelling species. Red River Hogs by far the most colorful and striking of the wild pigs will be housed in the same exhibit with Colobus monkeys. Continuing on the path the striking Mandrills are sure to catch the attention of all who walk their way. These endangered monkeys are one of the largest species of monkey in the world. Their furry head crests, manes, and beards are quite impressive, but what will really get your attention is their bright coloration. They have thick ridges along their noses that are purple and blue, their noses and lips are red, and their beards are golden.

Upon returning to the Zambezi River Village one last very special experience awaits the visitor. This one of a kind exhibit is designed to interpret some of the small species living Africa.