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March 13, 2024

Homeschool Classes

Science has never been more exciting, with up-close animal encounters, tours, experiments, crafts and more! Each month is a new topic designed to help meet state standards and ignite a love of animals in young learners.  Parents are welcome to attend for a fee.  For students 5-13 years old.

Home School classes are running January 10, February 14, March 13, April 10


2024 Dates and Topics

January 10 – Head to the Chills
We’ll explore the amazing adaptations that allow animals to survive extremely cold temperatures.

February 14 – Animal Valentines
Animals give gifts too!  Let’s unwrap the reasons why.

March 13 – Frog Watch
Our amphibian friends need our help!  We’ll discuss why and how we can offer aid to these incredible creatures.

April 10 – Sherlock Bones
We’ll learn all about how bones give support and protection.  We’ll do some sleuthing as we try to identify various animal bones.

Member Cost:
$8- for each student or parent
Non-Member Cost:
$16- for each student or parent
Age Restriction:
For students 5-13 years old
Registration Required:
To Register:

Registration is required; please call 309-681-3559.

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