Ed-Zoo-Cational Adventure Program

These 30-45 minute programs enhance any visit to the Zoo. With many topics to choose from, give your group a chance to meet some animals up close!

Special school group rates. Please call for pricing.

Reservations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.


Africa! Adventure Tour

Our tours include a 45 minute personal guide through the Zoo to tell you about the animals and answer your questions.

Special school group rates. Please call for pricing.

Reservations should be made two weeks in advance.


Zoo Adventure Combo

Our Ed-ZOO-Cational Combo includes a 45 minute class on a topic of your choice with live animals, as well as a personal guide through the Zoo to tell you about the animals and answer your questions. This program lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Special school group rates. Please call for pricing.



Bring the zoo to you, with just a phone call our animal ambassadors can visit your school or facility. Using biofacts, activities and up-close animal encounters we bring the outside world inside to you. Choose from a variety of programs, designed for all age groups to help fulfill State Standards.
Click Here:  for a list of Zoomobile Program Topics and State Standards

Program Topics

Pre K-K
How Many Colors Can You See?- Red, yellow, green all the colors we will have seen! Why are animals all those different colors? Come find out!

Animal Tales- With a storybook and a zoo animal, make reading a hands-on experience.

Scales, Feathers and Fur- Whether it’s scales, feather or fur, join us to take a closer look at what animals are covered with.

Everybody Needs a Home- Explore the world of animal habitats. Learn how different kinds of animals make different kinds of homes.

Colors and Patterns- From red to brown, stripes to spots, learn the function of the many colors and patterns found in nature.

Grades 2-4
Who’s Who at the Zoo?

From Start to Finish- From pupae to egg to pouch let’s explore life cycles in the animal world.

Grades 3-5
Dinner or Diner- Experience an eat or be eaten world as we look at the predator/prey relationship in the animal world.

An Animal for All Seasons- Hot or cold, let’s look at how animals make it through the seasons without air conditioning or a hat and mittens.

Counting Sheep- Which animal sleeps up to 20 hours a day? Who sleeps standing up? What do you call an animal that sleeps all day and comes out at night?

Camouflage - Learn how animals use camouflage to survive. From colors to patterns, see how they blend in and hide for predation and protection.

Spineless Wonders- Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates! Learn characteristics and behaviors of insects, spiders, and marine invertebrates.

Grades 3-12
Amazing Animal Adaptations- Investigate the world of animals. Find out how each animal has special tools and behaviors that help it survive perfectly in its environment.

Endangered Species- Take a closer look at these rare animals. Come explore some ways that we can help fix the problems in our environment.

Grades 6-12
What Do You Zoo?- Examine the purposes of zoos and the many careers in the zoo field.

Have It Your Way-
Don’t see what you want? We can custom fit a program to fit any topic.

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