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Zambezi River Lodge


Zambezi River Village

An indoor and outdoor banquet facility at within Peoria Zoo. The River Village overlooks the new Africa! exhibit. The village is available for receptions, corporate events, or group meetings.


Zambezi River Lodge

No matter what the season, an event at the Zambezi River Lodge inside the Peoria Zoo is one you will remember! Our new banquet hall can hold up to 200 guests and looks out over the lush green vegetation of Africa. Rhinos, giraffes, zebras, lions, mandrill and other wildlife will graze peacefully while your guests will enjoy themselves.


The Lodge provides a complementary reception site for many outdoor weddings held in our Zambezi River Village or next door at Luthy Botanical Gardens.

By combining the Lodge and Village areas, we can easily accommodate more than 1000 guests.


Rondavel in Africa!

Located just outside Zambezi River Lodge is equipped with a sound system and lighting. The perfect setting for a DJ or live entertainment.

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The Zambezi River Lodge set for Private Party

The Zambezi River Lodge set for Private Party

Lodge Concessions available May-September.

Lodge Concessions available daily May-September.

Seasonal Concessions

Available at the lodge weekends in April;
Daily May-September

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