Zoo Mobile

Let the Zoo come to you!

Bring the zoo to you, with just a phone call our animal ambassadors can visit your school or facility. Using biofacts, activities and up-close animal encounters we bring the outside world inside to you. Choose from a variety of programs, designed for all age groups to help fulfill State Standards.


Zoomobile Pricing

Costs start at $200.00

Prices are adjusted for travel outside of Peoria and number of participants

Sheldon on kale

Please call 681-3559 for reservations

The Peoria Zoo’s Zoomobile requires the following conditions from your organization to ensure a safe, educational and entertaining program:

1. Your organization is responsible for the discipline of participants in the program.

2. We need a table to place carriers as well as at least 5 feet in front of that table to walk. When children are seated, we request an aisle in the middle as well as around the outside of the group.

3. If outdoor temperatures are below 75’F or above 90’F, outdoor programs are not possible.

4. Zoo staff will take all proper precautions they deem necessary in the event of severe weather conditions.

5. The organization will ensure that there will not be
- any animals other than those brought by the Zoo
- loud and/or dangerous noise (no music, fireworks, etc)
- any object/behavior that may threaten the safety or comfort of any of the Zoo animals

6. Payment is due at the time of the program.

By reserving the Zoomobile (without canceling prior to your event) your organization is agreeing to the conditions above. Please understand that the Peoria Zoo’s Zoomobile staff have the authority to decide whether it is appropriate to conduct the Zoomobile program and, if necessary, may cancel the program at any time.


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