green team


Peoria Zoo's Green Team is made up of zoo employees interested in making the zoo (and entire community) more eco-friendly.


Projects the Green Team is currently involved with include highway and other litter removal, recycling, gardening, a frog pond and general ways to save energy and water around the zoo.


Pond Restoration

The Peoria Zoo Green Team is restoring a pond located just outside of the Africa! exhibit.  After restoration the pond will provide local wildlife with much needed habitats.  The Green Team will also be able to teach visitors how to do the same in their own backyard, by using the pond as an educational site.



RT 116 cleanup.

The Green Team sponsors a section of Rte. 116 which it cleans up at least four times each year.  Truckloads of garbage are hauled away each time.




Barton Pavilion

Peoria Zoo's new building is an extremely "green" building!  It uses geo-thermal energy to heat and cool the building.  Geo thermal energy is an extremely clean form of energy production that uses the heat from the Earth to generate energy.  This form of energy is a cost saving measure, is reusable and does not generate noise that could bother animals.


Green Team Board of Directors

Doug Holmes, President

Susy Turner, Vice President

Julie Brunton, Secretary


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