4 Tiger Cubs Born at Peoria Zoo

June 24, 2012

Peoria Zoo along with 49 other institutions participates in the Amur Tiger AZA Species Survival Plan®.

The mission of an AZA Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Program is to cooperatively manage species populations.



The Peoria Zoo is excited and proud to announce the birth of 4 Amur Tigers!   These are the first tiger births at the Zoo in over 30 years.

Neither of the parents had reproduced before but the female has proven to be an excellent first-time mother.  The father, “Vaska”, does not have access to the mother or cubs to prevent injury.  While the mother and cubs have been bonding in the house, the father has been on exhibit for the public to see.

Once “Kyra’s’ weight gain indicated that birth was imminent , a camera was repositioned to film the birthing platform.  We have posted the video of the birth and the first wellness check of the cubs here. Close monitoring has showed that all 4 cubs are very healthy and Kyra is giving them all needed maternal care.

At their first wellness check-up, the cubs ranged in size from 3 ½ - 5 ½ lbs. As of Feb, 2013 the cubs range in weight from 80 to 120 lbs.

CLICK HERE To see the VIDEO of the Tiger Cub Birth captured on security camera





August 16, 2012

These photos were taken at their 8 week vet exam. Each cub was placed in a bucket on scale so we could get accurate current weights for each of the cubs. At 8 weeks the cubs weigh between 9.5lb. and 13 lb.



August 25, 2012



February 17, 2013




Four tiger subspecies (Bali, Javan, Caspian, and South China) have gone extinct in the wild just in the past century.  So we know that the threat of extinction is very real for the remaining wild tigers.  The managed breeding program for Amur tigers is important for ensuring that we have a genetically viable backup population for this highly endangered species.  Studies have already shown that the Amur tigers in these programs have retained genetic diversity that has been lost in the wild population.  The Amur tigers in zoos also serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, reminding us all how important it is to try and protect these majestic animals.  People of all ages can help wild Amur tigers by supporting the Tiger SSP's Tiger Conservation Campaign