Lion Cub Update

Nia;  the tenacious one
Nia; the tenacious one
Kali ; the protective one
Kali ; the protective one
Zuri ; the reserved one
Zuri ; the reserved one

On Dec 4, 2015 Lizzy, our 9 year old female African Lion gave birth for the first time. 

In preparation of the birth; Zoo staff modified an off-exhibit stall to offer a secure and quiet place for the expectant mother and cubs. A video camera was installed in the stall that allowed Zoo staff to view remotely 24/7. 


lioncubspredictsuperbowlLion cubs predict the winner of Super Bowl 50.

Who will win Super Bowl 50 will it be the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers?   Click here to view the video of the cubs casting their ballots for the winner. 


Lizzy Nose to Nose with one of the cubs.

This whelping box was installed in the hopes that Lizzy would actually give birth in the box and the cubs would stay in the box until they were strong enough to climb out.  

  Lizzy did not give birth in whelping box! The whelping box was later removed.



Once Lizzy gave birth she was left totally alone with no interruption for 24 hours.  The cubs were left undisturbed for as long as possible. 


all three climbing

At one week old, Lizzy voluntarily left the cubs while she moved to a separate stall for feeding.  This is when the cubs were given their first wellness check by the Zoo Veterinarian.  At this time the cubs were shaved in different spots so that Zoo staff could identify them when watching on camera.



milk teethAt about three weeks old, the milk teeth of the cubs erupt. 

As the cubs grow, their jaws too will grow bigger and their milk teeth will be replaced with their permanent teeth.


canine teeth
At about four weeks old, the canine teeth of the cubs erupt.

As the cubs transition from drinking milk to eating meat, these canines will be used to  tear their food.





The cubs will be on exhibit every Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday and Sunday from
10:00 – 4:00, weather and cubs permitting.